"Under Achiever" In the Bedroom
Gets Surprise "Super Erection"
Thanks To "Magic Brew"

Now He's Giving His Housewife
The Sex of Her Life!

From: Erica Shaw

To: Any Man Who’s Can’t Satisfy His Woman

Do you know what it’s like to be cheated on?

Can you imagine what it’s like to have a man... maybe a man you know...

Smoking cigarettes together with your wife after a long night of hot sex?

When she says “You have no idea how bad I’ve needed you Bruce,”

“I can’t wait to see you again.”

And you?

You’re the furthest thing from her mind...

The only emotion she has towards you is pity.


Because you ain’t got it anymore.

And Bruce is stiff as steel.

Yes, she was the most dedicated and innocent wife...

And yet... it came to this...

It came to another man...

Maybe it’s already happened. Or maybe you’re just a little worried it will.

Either way…

Know this:

Even if she doesn’t want to…

Your wife WILL cheat on you if you

satisfy her in the bedroom

A little softness... is enough for her to launch a full blown steamy affair...

Right under your nose.

It doesn’t matter how “sweet” and “loyal” she is.

She will cheat on you... until she doesn’t even feel the guilt anymore...

So if your member is a little cushy... or you just feel like your erection isn’t what it used to be...

couple in bed

I urge you to stay on this presentation.

Because if you leave early... your wife or girlfriend may have no choice BUT to “give it up” for another guy...

But if you read until the end... I can guarantee you that will never happen.

In fact, I can guarantee you that YOU will be the one knockin’ her socks off... and she’ll be screaming out YOUR name at the moment of truth.

So don’t touch your mouse. Don’t even breathe near it. Because I’m about to divulge the most intimate details about my personal life with a husband with a weak erection.

You might just see yourself in that story...

Then I’m going to introduce you to a “magic brew” ... with just 2 dynamic ingredients...

That can give you an erection that would make Ron Jeremy jealous.

We might have gotten off on the wrong foot with all that scary talk...

But I want you to know I’m not just here to scare you...

I FEEL for you...

I can imagine how it must feel... to not be “the man” you once were.

gray haired man

To be dejected…


Alone and helpless…

Feeling like less of a man…

Or not a man at all.

And most of all... dumbfounded.

Wondering how something so small can have such nasty consequences.

The whole cheating issue makes you doubt whether you ever knew your wife at all...

More than anything you wish your member would be like it used to be…

The supplements out there that claim to improve your erection wind up not being worth their weight in pesos.

I know you don’t know what she’s thinking...

And I know that makes your stomach turn.

I know you think you’ll be living with this for the rest of your life.

And that’s where I stop you.

I’m here to tell you “the heck you will!”

Not if I have anything to say about it.

I’m here to tell you that the solution is here... right here in this presentation...

And it’s surprisingly delicious.

What’s cool is it’s not just a temporary fix, either.

It’s a fix forever. For as long you drink it.

You can make it in a couple of seconds.

It’s about as easy as making powdered chocolate milk.

It will radically improve blood flow and you’ll
up with the manhood of a superhero

Imagine the wide devilish smile that will form on your wife’s face when she sees your erection that’s thicker and harder than she’s ever seen it before.

Yes - you’ll wind up BETTER than when you were a teenager.

Together, right here in this presentation, we will kick that nagging little issue to the curb and banish it from your life forever.

I’m Erica Shaw. I’m a housewife from Gainesville, Florida.

And I was one key-turn away from cheating on my husband of 37 years.

To say that in public is not easy.

I know I might be called names.

But if it will wake you up to reality it’s worth it.

My husband is handsome and generous.

He’s 55...

Boyish looks. Stunning blue eyes. A full thick head of hair.

And smart. Like a fox.

He is a University professor of philosophy...

He’s been the love of my life, for 37 years.

In our prime we would go on
hours in the bedroom

We had to have the Kama sutra book rebound because we wore it out.

Anything was sexy, as long as it was with him.

But those days were about to be ripped from me by the roots.

It started on a Sunday in April.

There was an academic conference at a hotel in Memphis. We went as a couple.

It was a really swanky hotel.

I wanted to “get” with him any way I could.

But he wasn’t having it.

“Tonight baby,” he said.

“Be patient…”

“Tonight you’ll be well taken care of.”

I started to count down the minutes until his conference was over.

couple with luggage

We were late arriving at the hotel, so when we got to the check-in desk he said “you check me in... I’ll go to the conference.”

This meant he didn’t know what room we were in.

So I sent him a text around 6 that said “come to room 347 for a good time.”

That sounded more like an escort service contracting him and I knew it...

I got back a smiley :)

When he knocked on the door I was ready...

I was wearing his favorite...

Victoria's Secret from head to toe.

He sees me and smiles wryly like he’s the first person who ever successfully robbed a bank.

We make out on the bed...

And the rest is history.

The problem was when it came to

the “main attraction”...

I brace for it...

We’re going at it for a while…

But something isn’t the same…

He’s… how shall I say… weaker… smaller down there… there was no gusto…

And then he just stops.

Something big was happening. Or should I say something small wasn’t happening...

There’s total silence.

“Babe, what is it?” I asked.

He says...

“I can't believe this...”

“This never happens to me...”

“What babe? What is it?” I’m starting to panic.

“I don’t know what the HELL is going on...” he said

“But… this isn’t working for me.”

My stomach went through the floor.

He was always such a stallion in the bedroom… I wasn’t okay with just mediocre… I had heard men tend to lose their “mojo” in the bedroom as they age. I never thought it would happen to Brad...

He’d always been so... well... virile...

Long term, I was concerned for him. But short term, I had a serious problem. I was all pent up.

All this foreplay made me feel like I just had an appetizer with no main course...

I was exploding inside...

The drive home was completely silent. We went home... I was all tied in knots and I couldn’t even tell him that because I knew what it must be like to be him right now.

This is what it was like for the next 2 weeks:

He walks right past me.

No “I missed you.”

No “I love you.”

Not even a “hello.”

Just ‘hi.”

Then he went directly to the den to watch Netflix.

At night he turned with his back to me when we slept.

I was not only getting shut out sexually... I was getting shut out emotionally as well.

This made me all the more frustrated.

One day I couldn’t take it anymore. When he woke up on this day, there were no waffles and no orange juice. My “pent-upness” had turned to rage...

“What are you doing about this, Brad!?”

“What happened that night!?”

“Is this gonna be a regular thing now?!”

That last one really got his goat, apparently.

“What are you gonna do, leave me, after one bad night?” he asked.

“That wasn’t me that night!!!” he screamed...

As he said that, he picked up the vase for the daisies... chucked it across the room and it shattered against the wall into a million pieces.

The shattering of that glass shook me up...

I lost touch with him that day…

A divide went up.

One night I was particularly heated… my mind was racing...

All sorts of crazy ideas popped into my head.

But one of them was coming on strong.

Stacey’s husband was an athlete. Football.

Athletes are notoriously good in bed.

And I specifically knew he was because Stacey used to brag about him.

It was the off-season so I knew he’d be home.

He was the perfect “main course.”

I played out the scenario. It would be pretty easy to set up...

I’d just call there and if she picked up, I’d talk to her like I just called to chat.

If he picked up... I’d make the proposal.

My hands were shaking as I dialed the numbers.

And they were shaking even more when he picked up...

We were matter of fact about it.

See you at 10AM. Your house. She’ll be at work.

I got in the car.

Got into the seat...

And I broke out into a cold sweat.

I started asking myself questions.

“What am I doing?”

“What about Brad?”

“What kind of wife am I?”

“Didn’t I make a vow to him?”

These kinds of questions buzzed around in my brain like my head was some kind of beehive on steroids.

I knew if I turned that key there would be no turning back.

So I held the key there... not moving for what seemed like 2 minutes...

And then...

I opened the door and went back inside our house.

Called him and told him it was off.

He was actually relieved.

He didn’t really want to go through with it either.

Sex makes people lose their minds.

And we both lost our minds that day.

I realized Brad had literally, and figuratively, hit the wall. And I said to myself if he can’t do better than this… then it’s on me.

I will get to the bottom of this so long as there is a breath left in my body. I made a vow and I intend to keep it.

But I’m not living without sex… not anymore

I started where anyone else in 2019 would start.

Google. I learned online that weak erections happen when there’s less blood flow to the penis.

Sounds simple enough, right? I asked “how do you increase blood flow to the penis?”

No good answers on the internet.

So I headed to the library.

This was foreign territory for me…

But the librarian was kind.

I learned from her that…

As you age, the circulation of the
blood slows
down… which can mean
a weaker erection

She said “let’s look for studies about what can boost circulation.”

There were reams of studies.

Funny, I never heard about these on the nightly news...

I thought about my sexual needs...

And I thought about Brad.

And I looked at all those studies.

I said “I’m going to read all of them until I find the answer. And nobody’s going to stop me.”

One thing that kept coming up was Nitric Oxide...

Which is a chemical produced naturally by the body.

Nitric oxide (N.O.) is proven to relax the vessels.

Think of it as a massage for your veins. During a massage, the muscles start to loosen, open up and blood rushes through.

Same thing here.

N.O. opens the muscles of your penile blood vessels...

And then blood rushes through like you’ve just poked a hole in a dam. The more the blood... the stronger your erection becomes....

So the goal is to increase N.O. production.

But how?

I delved into this question...

And after reading about 60 studies I found LCT.

L-citrulline is a naturally occurring amino acid.


It is found in some foods, like watermelons, and is also produced naturally by the body.

LCT has been used by men to support strong erections.

Our bodies change L-citrulline into nitric oxide.

WebMD suggests that it helps open up veins and arteries to improve blood pressure.

Then, I found a study that proved LCT could be exactly what I was searching for.

In a placebo-controlled study, 24 men were given either a placebo or 1.5 grams of LCT for a month.

The study measured:

Erection hardness…

The number of times each man had sex per month…

And how satisfied each man was with his results.

After just 30 days, half the men taking
went to a 4 on the Erection
Hardness Scale…
That’s the highest
possible score you can get

It’s like having an erection as hard as a tree stump.

But it gets even better…

Because, again – just one month after taking LCT – men reported having 50% more sex than before the study.

And every single guy who experienced these results reported he was “extremely satisfied” with LCT.

Imagine radically boosting the

of times you have sex…

Imagine going from one night of dry, boring sex to 2 months of sheet-twisting sessions where she’s going nuts... begging for more...

LCT seemed great... but I didn’t want to bet all my money on one horse...

I kept looking.

What could we combine with LCT that would “make it even bigger”?

30 studies later...

I found Glutathione, an antioxidant that the body naturally creates, but starts to decrease with age.

Glutathione causes the smooth muscles in the penis to relax and creates more N.O. to allow for more blood flow.

That’s a double whammy.

In one study, researchers discovered that Glutathione COMBINED with LCT boosted their N.O. production in just 30 minutes!

Think you and your wife can both “have at it” for 30 minutes?

hands in bed

You bet you can. With that extra shot of N.O. boosting your blood flow, don’t be surprised if your erection is harder and bigger than ever before.

Glutathione was like attaching a high powered explosive to a firecracker.

This was it!

Sex lasting 30 minutes with a penis that could poke through a chessboard... how would you like that?

Now giddy, I made a bee-line to a specific doctor… Dr. Glenn Rothfeld M.D.

I know he’s been a doctor for 40 years and has authored 8 best-selling books.

And he had heard of these ingredients! Though he said he’d never combined them before, he reviewed the studies I found and knew it would work.

And he said if it did work, the results would be “explosive.”

I came home with 20 large containers of powder... containing this potent combination of herbs.

I measured out the exact dosage from the study I mentioned earlier...

I tried it first.


That tasted darn good.

But will it work?

That next morning this infusion was on Brad’s breakfast table.

He said “what’s this?”

I said it might just be the solution to our little “challenge...”

He trusted me.

He downed it.

He said “that tastes darn good.”

I told him “that’s exactly what I said!”

When you’re married long enough you talk alike.

Not thinking much about the drink he had just downed... he was off to work.

20 minutes into his third period class something unusual happened that proved to be the messiah of our marriage.

He’s covering Aristotle and Virtue Theory for the class when he just starts to feel alive, and revived… “down there.”

He couldn’t quite explain it... but he knew it was good. And he knew it was going to make a difference for me…

“Erica won't believe this!”

“I’ve got to see if this makes all the difference I think it will,” he said to himself.

Brad runs to a quiet place and calls me from his cell.

I pick up.

He says “stop what you're doing. There may be some very good news about your ‘brew’.”

He came in quietly.

I was doing dishes with my face turned the other way.

I said “is that you Brad?”

He said “it sure is...”

“And I’ve got a pistol in my pants.”

I couldn’t believe it. The infusion worked!

He said “why don’t we take this to the bedroom and see what that infusion really did...”

And so we did.

My eyes lit up...

All my dreams... were coming true.

The erection I needed on the man I love.

It was like we picked up where we left off at the hotel.

man and woman in bed

The curtains close at this point... let’s say I was in heaven...

He whispered in my ear “sweetheart I’m drinking that infusion every morning for the rest of my life.”

“You have my word on that.”

I finally had what I wanted.

Don’t ask me how, but this little story got around in my cooking club.

Suddenly, I had women I barely knew asking me for the “formula”.

I felt like a drug dealer. I was giving out powder by the bag. But it was worth it... they ALL had similar results to mine...

It felt wrong that I was limiting this to my cooking group... when so many other people were suffering with this problem.

I went back to Dr. Glenn Rothfeld, the doctor who helped me get all the ingredients for this formula, and told him what a success it was.

And how I thought more people could be helped by this.

So Dr. Rothfeld teamed up with Real Advantage Nutrients and made a formulation that’s even better.

When he teamed up with them they were excited about the formula. But they said they knew of something that would make it even MORE powerful.

red spinach

They added Red Spinach.

Remember how Popeye would down some Spinach and then turn into some kind of superhero?

That exists in real life, only it works for penises. It’s Red Spinach and when combined with the power of LCT and Glutathione, it’s practically guaranteed that your erections will be the hardest they’ve ever been in your life.

The active ingredient in Red Spinach is Nitrate.

Nitrate does what those gas station penis pills are supposed to do but don’t. It blows you up.

Your size will make your wife’s

eyes pop out of her head

Here’s why...

LCT and Glutathione increase the level of N.O. in the body. Which is the key to strong, hard erections. But Red Spinach uses a “secondary pathway” towards making N.O.

It just turbo charges everything LCT and Glutathione are already doing, for even more blood flow and an even bigger erection...

That means sex, for longer. Erections that are bigger and stronger... and thicker than ever before...

When the formulation was ready we called it the only thing we COULD call it...


supplement bottle

AlphaRevX is the first formula to combine the scientifically studied doses of LCT and Glutathione… and the perfect dose of Red Spinach into one easy-to-take drink powder.

Which makes it the most powerful erection-enhancing powder on the market.

And, today, they’ve secured a limited supply of AlphaRevX just for you.

It’s the ultimate sex infusion...

Why a drink?

Two reasons.

First, it’s easily absorbed by your body. That means it goes to work fast –

You’ll be ready whenever the mood strikes.

Second, convenience. You won’t have to plan your night around taking this…

Instead, all you need is one pre-measured scoop of this delicious drink mix poured into a glass of water or juice… every morning – and you’ll be ready for hot, spontaneous sex… whenever you’re in the mood.

Just pour some juice into a glass along with one scoop.

Then grab a spoon, stir it up, and take your first sip.

Notice the great taste as it hits your lips…

Feel your blood vessels open up as youthful

energy flows throughout your body…

Then, whenever you and your wife are both in the mood… you’ll be ready with an erection bigger than you’ve ever had before.

AlphaRevX isn’t sold in stores…

Good luck searching for it on Amazon. This website is the only place you can find it.

And it will produce hard-ons the likes of which you’ve never seen in your life.

If you are a man reading this... you owe it to your wife to get AlphaRevX...

If you are a woman reading this... you owe it to YOURSELF to get AlphaRevX and give it to your husband.

Since the ingredients come from abroad we are only able to keep limited stock on hand.

We sell out lightning fast and, trust me, you don’t want some other dude getting laid while you’re languishing in “underacheiver” land.

So you better pray the order button below is active.

Because this isn’t a fad.

This is science.

It’s just science that’s buried.

Why is it buried?

Because the pharmaceutical companies can’t make money off a natural substance.

But I found what they were trying to hide.

The cat is out of the bag... and it’s never going back in.

I want AlphaRevX to be available all across the country... because I want couples to have the sex of their lives like I do.

Nobody should have to cheat because of a weak erection…

This is a problem that can be solved
and has
already been solved

You just need to get your hands on the solution and get it into your belly so you can have the prize winning erection you deserve.

Will this really work? 100% yes. We've tried it with thousands of men and we are getting testimonials of results you can’t believe.

I wouldn't be doing this if it only worked some of the time. I hate products like that. This works ALL of the time. We get thank you notes from men and women every single day.

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*Results may vary: AlphaRevX is designed to support a healthy sex life.

Michael M. from Florida told us:

“I’m 73 years old and my lady friend can’t figure out how all of a sudden I’m performing 90% better and satisfying her more than ever before. Thank you from both of us!”

How much does a bottle of AlphaRevX cost?

You’re thinking it would cost a lot.

After all, the ingredients come from all over the world and all the ingredients are in their most potent form.

So you’re thinking $500 at minimum.


But it’s not $500.

So now you’re thinking $200.

But it’s not even $200.

The actual price is $97. And we felt that was fair to all parties.


Since we’re still in the introductory phase. For the next 1,000 people today... we're going to let this go at half off...which brings you to just $49.50.

Not a penny more.

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satisfaction guaranteed

AlphaRevX is completely guaranteed lock, stock and barrel.

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Just ask for a full refund and you’ll receive it pronto.

In fact, you can get your money back for ANY reason.

And it doesn’t matter if the bottle is empty.

That’s right. You could’ve used the entire bottle... had the sex of your life... and we’ll still give you your money back when you ask for it.

We won’t ask you a single question about why you want your money back.

We’ll just give every penny back and with a smile.

This guarantee never expires.

You could call me today, in a month, or 5 years from now and I’ll still refund every penny of your purchase price.

Our customer service team is available and they're eager to help with any other questions you might have.

So, to recap, here’s everything you get when you say “yes” today…

Precise, clinically-studied doses of LCT and Glutathione – the 1-2 punch for harder, longer-lasting erections…

And an extra dose of Red Spinach extract – your “backup plan” to ensure you’re always getting rock hard (for as long as she wants) …

All perfectly measured out into an easy-to-pour drink mix.

PLUS: lock in free shipping on every order (today, and on every future shipment) …

And our 100% Money Back “Rock Hard” Guarantee…

Got it?

This is the product of the century.

And that means it’s time to take action...

Men, from the bottom of my heart, don’t put your wife though what I went through.

You know what happened with me and Mr. Football.

It was hard to open up about that.

I told you that story for a reason.

Because I wanted you to know that no matter how in love she is with you, she WILL cheat on you.

Not because she wants to.

But because she has to...

For a woman, it’s not a want. It’s not a craving... it’s a need.

And if you can't fill that need, you're going to be betrayed.

If you DON'T want another sweaty guy on top of your sweetheart...

You need AlphaRevX.

Stop the problem cold. And let your erection rise like it’s the second coming.

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If she’s an angel, she’ll divorce you and be with another man that way...

Is that what you really want?

To be alone?

Who’s going to marry you then?

Or do you want to get a handle on this problem once and for all?

Use AlphaRevX and make her go out of her mind out until she’s screamed her lungs out.

Have your wife worship you like the sex God you are... OR shrink into a life of worry, loneliness, insecurity, and self-pity....

These are your choices.

And a simple infusion will make all the difference between one or the other.

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AlphaRevX will be on your doorstep in 7-10 days.

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It’s what I call a “super-erection.”

If you can imagine what Superman’s rod would be like in a sexual situation... that’ll be you.

You will be the man of steel

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