Men with Prostate Issues…

Do THIS right before bed

This easy bedtime "trick" helps speed up your flow, so you can empty your bladder more completely. AND get rid of that nagging urge to go, even if you have a swollen prostate.

Hi, I’m Dr. Glenn Rothfeld.

And in this short video, you’re going to discover a simple “trick” that could put an END to the infuriating, humiliating, sleep-depriving problems caused by a swelling prostate that comes with an aging body.

It’s something you do right before you pee that lets you empty your bladder more completely, so you don’t have that uncomfortable “leftover urge”…

So you can finally feel real relief in the bathroom… And sleep better than you have in years.

Imagine using this "trick" tonight… feeling complete and total relief as you get rid of every last drop… and sleeping comfortably all night long…

That’s exactly what this "trick" could do for you.

Now you may be wondering just who the heck I am to make a claim like that…

So allow me to introduce myself.

As I mentioned, my name is Dr. Glenn Rothfeld. I’ve been a medical doctor for more than 37 years – but as you can probably tell, I’m not like most doctors.

I learned a long time ago that most of what mainstream medicine promotes is more about profits than your health and well-being.

My career – including 7 groundbreaking books on alternative medicine… a fellowship at Harvard University, a professorship at the world-renowned Tufts University Medical School, as well as leading one of America’s top integrative clinics in Massachusetts, where we have a months-long waiting list…

Is all about stepping out of the mainstream box and find real solutions to your health problems.

And what you’re about to discover may be my most life-changing breakthrough yet.


My friend, when you discover the little known prostate secrets in this video…

It’s like rolling back the clock to a time before you gave your prostate a second thought…

Back when going to the bathroom actually felt good

When your confidence was unshakeable

When you NEVER gave your prostate a second thought.

Yes, it IS possible…

And it starts with the somewhat odd “trick”… which will give you more relief and comfort after you pee and help you sleep better than you have in a long time.

It's a little-known secret for lifelong relief from your worst prostate symptoms.

Something that can guarantee you a great night’s sleep, night after night… AND keep your prostate in “fighting shape” over the long haul.

And that’s exactly why I created this video.

It's my top-secret strategy for long-term prostate relief… so you never have to worry about your “plumbing” ever again.

Imagine if, with a tiny adjustment to a certain compound in your body…

You could solve the most frustrating, life-altering problems caused by your prostate?

According to new research from Great Britain’s Department of Urology Sciences… you CAN

They’ve identified a natural chemical present in every man’s body called N-acetyl-5-methoxy tryptamine – or NaMT for short.

Until this new research emerged, no one thought this chemical had anything to do with your prostate.

In fact, most mainstream doctors still don’t know about this…

Yet as you’re about to see, NaMT is absolute magic for relieving night time peeing urges, so you can sleep like a baby.

Let’s be honest -- if you’re like most guys, the worst prostate symptoms happens at night.

You know what I’m talking about – going to the bathroom 2, 3, 4 or more times in a single night… never really “finishing” and always feeling that nagging urge to go… not getting a single minute of real, deep sleep… and waking up in the morning feeling like death warmed over.

Sound familiar?

Then you’ll be thrilled what you’re about to discover.


A tiny tweak to your NaMT levels could help you start enjoying long, uninterrupted nights of sweet slumber… starting in as little as 24 hours!

It all started a few years ago, when researchers in Iceland noticed a powerful link between NaMT and your prostate health.

It was a huge surprise, because NaMT isn’t usually associated with your “male plumbing” at all.

In fact, it’s made by a tiny gland in your brain called the pineal gland. And officially, all it does is regulate your body’s internal clock.

But when researchers were studying older guys, they noticed the higher a guy’s level of NaMT, the healthier his prostate was.

Especially when it came to the night time symptoms.

This was especially intriguing, since for most of us, levels of NaMT decline with age. About 2% lower every year after 30, to be exact.

It begs the question…

Could this decline in NaMT be the reason nearly every man on earth, if he lives long enough, will deal with prostate troubles?

So scientists at the University of Newcastle set up a double blind, placebo-controlled trial – the gold standard of medical research.

They took 20 men over the age of 50 – all of whom had a swollen prostate verified by doctors.

They gave one group just a tiny, 2 mg dose of NaMT to boost their levels – and the other group got a placebo pill.

And not only did the guys who got NaMT experience an oh-so-welcome reduction in their night time peeing…

NaMT worked significantly better than the placebo!

Simply put, NaMT seemed like a wonder-drug for the one symptom of a swollen prostate we all hate the most – getting up a bunch of times a night to pee.

However… this was just one clinical trial… a very promising trial, for sure… but not the kind of rock-solid proof I need before I recommend something to my patients and readers.

Then Japanese researchers tested it again – but instead of a placebo, they put it head to head against an experimental Japanese sleep-aid that’s sometimes given to men whose prostates keep them up at night.

Basically, this sleep-aid is so powerful… it has you in a deep, unawakening sleep for hours at a time.

And to the shock of the entire medical community, NaMT delivers the exact same level of relief from night time peeing as the potent sleep-aid.

And even better, guys taking NaMT had NO serious side effects. As you can imagine, the Japanese sleep-aid has side effects that are downright terrifying.

So now the evidence is just plain OVERWHELMING: NaMT is a God-send for any man who wants to pee ONCE before bed and then sleep like a baby all night long.

And you know what’s really exciting?

You DON’T have to go to a doctor to get NaMT.

It’s so safe and gentle, it’s available over-the-counter without a prescription!

I’ll show you where to get it and how to use it in just a second.

But you may be wondering -- why hasn’t your doctor mentioned NaMT to you?

That’s a great question.

Chances are he simply doesn’t know about this new research.

If he does, and he STILL hasn’t mentioned it to you… you might want to find a new doctor!

Because the science is so clear… any honest medical professional would be crazy not to recommend NaMT to their prostate patients!

I know what you’re thinking, though – “how could a tiny change to a little-known compound keep me from getting up every hour to go to the bathroom?”

And I don’t blame you a bit for being skeptical.

So let me show you what makes NaMT different – and why it works so well for night time prostate relief.

See, NaMT is released in your brain at night. It’s part of the system that regulates your sleep/wake cycles…

In fact, some people use NaMT supplement as a natural sleep aid – and it works wonders.

In fact, that’s part of the reason it helps you overcome night time peeing issues. The more deep and restful your sleep, the less likely you are to wake up from an urge to pee.

Remember, after all -- you used to sleep all night, then wake up in the morning with a powerful urge to go.

Ever wonder why, back then, that urge didn’t wake you up in the middle of the night?

The deep sleep you get with healthy NaMT levels is part of the answer.

But there’s more to the story… MUCH more.

Because NaMT also controls something called the “smooth muscle contractility” of your bladder.

That’s a fancy way of saying it relaxes the muscles around your bladder so the urge to go is less… well... urgent.

Deeper sleep, AND a less urge from your bladder… think that might give you the best, most rejuvenating night you’ve had in a LONG time?

You bet it would!

Picture yourself waking up from a full night of totally un-interrupted sleep… looking and feeling more refreshed and energized than you have in years!

And here’s the best part—NaMT is so safe and gentle, it doesn’t require a prescription.

Remember how some people are using it as a natural sleep aid?

You may have heard it called by another name…


That’s right!

The crazy thing is, 99% of prostate supplements on the market DON’T include melatonin. Is it any wonder so many of them fail to give you the relief you’re looking for?

As powerful as melatonin is for overcoming night time peeing issues and getting a great night’s sleep…

It does NOTHING to address the other symptoms of a swollen prostate that occurs as you age.

That’s why I recommend all my patients combine a nightly dose of melatonin with a few other natural ingredients – a combination I’ve designed to tackle ALL the symptoms of a swollen prostate in one fell swoop.

That’s right – ALL your symptoms…

Including the weak, dribbling stream that starts and stops and never gives you true relief… and leaves you with that nagging URGE that makes life miserable.

Is there anything more painful, frustrating and humiliating than not getting any satisfaction when you pee?

It’s not just inconvenient… it can ruin your life.

But remember how it used to feel?

When you had to go really bad… like on a long car ride, for example… when the urge was so strong you thought you might just pee your pants…

Then when you finally got to the bathroom, you unleashed a fire hose stream that went full blast for what seemed like hours… until you felt that wave of relief so powerful it was almost orgasmic?

And then you just felt so relaxed… so at ease… so comfortable

That’s the feeling these ingredients are designed to give you.

Friend, no matter what prostate solutions you’ve tried in the past, I PROMISE:

When you combine the nutrients I’m about to reveal – with your nightly dose of melatonin

That weak stream, less-than-satisfied feeling, the nagging urge… and especially those sleepless nights… don’t stand a chance.

Feel free to grab a pen and paper to write these down…

Here goes…

For starters, you want a high-quality Saw Palmetto extract.

Now it’s true that saw palmetto is found in LOTS of prostate supplements… but be careful. Look for a “berry only” extract that’s standardized to 85% fatty acids.

Some manufacturers use ground-up leaves and stems, which are cheaper but nowhere near as potent. Fatty acids from the berries are the real game-changing ingredient.

Now in my experience, you get even better results when you combine saw palmetto with the extract of an African tree, called... pygeum africanum.

This prostate power house reduces overall prostate symptoms 64% just by itself…

Now as you can imagine – with high quality forms of these two extracts, you would notice a massive difference in a few weeks.

Your stream would be measurably stronger, and you’d find yourself going to the bathroom less and less often.

But we’re just getting started

And you definitely don’t want to skip this next ingredient.

It’s called Nettle Root – the extract of the root of a thorny bush native to Europe. It’s GREAT for getting rid of that nagging urge.

Imagine if every time you went to the bathroom, you walked out feeling that complete comfort and relief, just the way it’s supposed to feel…

Wouldn’t that let you enjoy life more?

Ok, there’s one more thing I recommend to ALL my male prostate patients…

And I have to warn you, this one is a little strange.

You won’t find it in ANY mass-produced prostate formulas that I know of…

But my patients have been getting GREAT results with it.

It’s actually a patented cranberry extract, called “Flowens”. And studies show it can increase your urine flow over 11% -- which might not sound like a game changer, but wait until you FEEL it!

If your stream gets any more powerful, you’ll have to go to firefighter training to handle it!

So now you have it – the complete list of nutrients I recommend for total prostate support.

You’re welcome to take this list, go and purchase each of these nutrients individually, and make your own prostate “cocktail”.

As long as you got the right forms and dosages, that would work wonders.

But getting all these ingredients individually would be both expensive and time consuming.

And there’s a MUCH better way.

If you want relief NOW…

If you want to be able to watch a movie without 2 or 3 bathroom breaks…

If you want to pee ONCE before you go to bed, then sleep like a baby all night…

If you want to let loose a raging power stream when you step up to the john, not a weak, dribbling embarrassment that leaves you frustrated and uncomfortable…

And most of all, if you want to escape the discomfort, humiliation and frustration your prostate is causing…

Then you need the ONE prostate formula that accomplishes all this.

The LAST one you’ll ever need…

The one that works SO WELL you never want to be without it…

And that’s exactly what my team here at Real Advantage Nutrients has created.

It’s called ProSupport PM – and it’s the only prostate formula you’ll ever find that combines ALL the research-backed ingredients I just mentioned PLUS a nightly dose of melatonin for great sleep from the very first night you take it!

At the end of this video, you’ll be invited to claim a FREE bottle of ProSupport PM while supplies last.

That’s right – a full month’s supply of this game-changing formula for FREE…

Imagine the freedom you’ll have when you’re not constantly looking for the nearest bathroom…

Imagine the comfort you’ll feel when you get COMPLETE relief and satisfaction every time you go…

Picture how refreshed and rejuvenated you’ll feel when you wake up from a solid night’s sleep…

All the while, you’ll know you’re not JUST relieving the symptoms, you’re actually getting the nutrients and minerals that are shown to keep your prostate healthy for LIFE.

Isn’t that a great feeling?

To know this part of your health is taken care of, and you don’t need to worry about it ever again?

I’m so excited for you to be one of the first to try ProSupport PM... and remember, you’re getting a chance at a FREE bottle in just a second, so stay tuned!

Just imagine, a few short months from now… you’re peeing like a teenager again… you sleep like a baby every night and wake up fully refreshed… and every time you go to the bathroom, it’s a rushing, roaring stream that goes full blast till every drop is drained… leaving you with that sweet relief you’ve been missing…

And then one day you realize…

You've forgotten what it’s like to have a "peeing problem"!

You’re back to living your life on your own terms.

Carousing with your friends on a Friday night…

Going to a concert with your wife…

Taking road trips to your favorite destinations…

Going camping with your grandkids…

And you simply never give your prostate – or the distance to the nearest bathroom – a second thought!

Are you starting to see why ProSupport PM is like one-stop-shopping for a lifetime of worry-free prostate health?

Are you starting to imagine the relief, the confidence, and sense of freedom you’ll get when every trip to the bathroom leaves you shivering with total relief?


Because ProSupport PM is a brand-new release from Real Advantage Nutrients…

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See, we know that ProSupport PM is unlike anything you’ve tried before.

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If you’re not enjoying life more than you have in years…

In other words, if you don’t agree that this is the single most effective prostate formula you’ve ever tried…

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Some of our colleagues think we’re nuts to offer such an open-ended money back promise. They think we’ll lose money, or even get ripped off.

But we know that once you feel the change ProSupport PM makes in your life, once you start waking up every morning feeling better than you did yesterday…sending it back will be the furthest thing from your mind…

Now remember, in every bottle of ProSupport PM, you’re getting…


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My friend, now is the time.

Maybe you’ve tried standard prostate supplements – and you haven’t gotten the results you need…

Maybe you’re worried that things will never improve– and you’ll soon have to give up everything that makes life worth living, to spend too much of your time standing over a toilet watching a pathetic stream dribble sadly into the bowl while your painful urge to pee just doesn’t seem to go away…

Now there’s a better way.

Now you can tackle ALL your symptoms with one groundbreaking formula…

While the powerful ingredients in ProSupport PM build up in your system and start to give you long-lasting results.

Doesn’t that sound like a win-win?

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Friend, an opportunity like this won’t come along again.

It’s time to take your life back…

It’s time to try ProSupport PM.

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