**Military-Grade Joint Marvel Available to the Public**

Rebuilds smooth, comfortable knees,
shoulders, wrists, and hips…
starting in 5 days!

Hi, my name is Jim Ryan – and in the next 90 seconds, I’m going to reveal the shocking “military-grade” breakthrough that can finally make your aching joints feel “WD-40 smooth”without using a single brace, stretch or exercise routine.

In fact, thanks to this scientific wonder, it’s now actually possible to REGROW healthy, painless joints… naturally. Starting in just days

Now, a fair warning before you hear what I’m about to say next…

This extra-strength method was designed specifically for folks who have done some of the toughest jobs in this country…

The ones who put hundreds of thousands of miles, and a ton of wear and tear on their “tread”…

Veterans of the US armed forces… retired police officers and firemen… nurses who spent 12 hour shifts on their feet… construction workers… mothers who raised three kids and still kept their homes spotless enough to eat off the floor…

Most young people don’t have a clue what an honest day’s work looks like…

But YOU’LL never forget it. And your over-worked joints are paying the price now…

So if you’re looking for MILITARY-strength relief

Whether it’s from pain keeping you up throughout the night…

Or the stiffness that makes it near impossible to get up and going in the morning…

Or even just the ability to bend and move in the same way you did 5, 10 – even 15 – years ago

Then I think you’ll be VERY interested in what I’m about to reveal…

Because, today, my mission is simple: I want YOU to do all of the things that make life worth living…

Without the worry of creaky, aching knees, hips or anything else holding you back.

As an Army veteran myself, I know the path to “healthy” can feel downright overwhelming.

But I have great news for you today… because now it’s possible (and faster than ever) to send all those nagging little twinges and daggers PACKING.

Starting right now.


Well, if you follow the exact expert advice I’m about to share with you…

Starting in just 5 days you can kick discomfort, aches, stiffness and more to the curb…

And start feeling more like your old self… BEFORE the days of pain and worry crept into your life.

Heck, you might even feel like you got a second chance at “new knees!”

But it doesn’t stop there…

You see, the beauty of this marvel (and what makes it such a breakthrough in modern science) is that…

No matter how big your joint pain worry is…

AND no matter where your body is aching for relief most...

The method is JUST as effective.

So, right now, if you’re dealing with…

I guarantee this method is the best way to beat back the nagging discomfort that feels like it’s holding you hostage.

No matter what you’ve tried in the past –this is the answer. The one that REALLY works.

And, boy, I can’t wait to see just how well it works for you…

Ok, ready to get started?

I’ll tell you everything that you need to know about this method next —but, first, let me properly introduce myself.

I’m a proud U.S. Veteran, and I was honored to serve our country during the Iraq war…

…but it was many years later after I returned home, when I met an incredible man on an incredible mission of his own.

His name is Dr. Glenn S. Rothfeld – and he’s dedicated his life to finding true health breakthroughs that WORK… decades ahead of everyone else.

(Even the big name TV & Internet doctors you see everywhere these days…)

Considered a dual-leading expert M.D. in alternative AND conventional medicine, Dr. Rothfeld has a lot to brag about over his 35 years in practice.

After all… he’s been awarded a prestigious fellowship by Harvard… and he even developed one of the first alternative medicine courses in America to train future M.D.s.

But when you meet him, you’d never know he was an Ivy League guy. And he’s so humble, he’d never tell you that himself.

He’s so focused on his own patients and finding real solutions for their most complex health problems – he’s not looking for any praise.

Even though in Dr. Rothfeld’s world… health miracles are actually pretty commonplace.

So, for the first time ever, I’m honored to share the details of his exclusive method for reversing joint pain—FREE—right here in this presentation .

It starts with a shocking discovery by Dr. Rothfeld…

You see, he figured something out that dozens of the big name docs have been getting wrong for years.

Let me explain…

Now, we all know the four main building blocks of a joint…

You have the main joint…

The ligaments that hold it together…

The synovial fluid – the “oil” that keeps friction at bay as you move around…

And cartilage that covers the ends of the bones like a protective buffer against pain…

For decades, doctors have been obsessed with that cartilage – especially with the idea of losing it.

It makes sense, because without that buffer – you’d get a bone-on-bone CRUNCH every time you move.

(Instead of the smooth, effortless glide that cartilage provides.)

So why do the “leading experts” think we’re losing so much of it?

Well, they like to blame nearly everything under the sun as to why…

From weight gain… to changes in our hormones… to injuries... to medications…

But their favorite culprit to blame? Age.

Maybe your own doctor even told you the same thing: That it’s normal… expected even for someone your age. And there’s nothing you can do about it.

Only that’s a complete myth.

You see, they’ve been getting everything we know about cartilage completely WRONG.

(Get ready for this next big reveal because it’s a doozy…)

Despite what you’ve been told… your body doesn’t have a “set” amount of cartilage that you lose as you age.

Far from it. It’s actually a living tissue that’s able to re-grow itself over and over again.

In fact, by giving your body the perfect amount of just ONE nutrient it craves for healthy joints…

Your cartilage can COMPLETELY renew itself in about 90 days’ time.

To put it simply… it’s like re-growing a brand new joint -- from the inside out!

It’s a completely new way of thinking – actually tackling the root cause of the discomfort in your joint rather than just managing the symptom itself.

And it’s why Dr. Rothfeld is so sure that this breakthrough will deliver results unlike anything you may have tried before.

Now if the idea of growing a brand new joint sounds a bit like science fiction to you… I get it.

I felt the same way when I first heard of it too.

But just wait until you see what I’m about to show you next…

In a secret location just outside THIS military base in California, researchers have been doing something unbelievable.

They’ve found a way to supercharge a unique protein that we already create naturally in our bodies…

To help GENERATE new, healthy cartilage… even in older, aching joints…

And now it’s doing the impossible.

In a landmark study, it even trounced the two widely-recognized BEST natural therapies on the market in not one… but three different pain categories!

Category #1: Stiffness Affecting Ability to Move (DEFEATED!)

Category# 2: General Pain Levels (DEFEATED!)

Category #3: Pain Affecting Daily Activities (DEFEATED!)

You read that right, in EVERY SINGLE one of these measures—whether the people in the study were doing a LOT of activity… or just dealing with general achy joints…

Stiffness… pain while moving… sitting… standing… and even just being able to enjoy daily life without pain…

Were demolished by the end of the study.

And by demolished… I mean HUGE improvements… the lucky patients who used the supercharged protein felt a full 20%, 33% even 40% on average BETTER by the end of each study.

Even better, the protein started working right away.

So even though the study showed the most impressive results at 90 days… it worked TWICE as well (and twice as fast) as the “leading” natural therapies.

Finally! This is the stuff that actually delivers what no other natural substance on earth can!

Why? It’s because that miracle supercharged nutrient is actually a form of the most abundant protein in the human body – called collagen.

Now, before you leave and think you’ve heard all there is to know about collagen – what I’m about to tell you next will blow your mind.

Because Dr. Rothfeld is debunking a collagen myth people have been getting wrong for YEARS.

Did you know that there are actually 28 different types of collagen?

Yup, 28.

So before you order a bunch of collagen and choke it down… it’s important to know which is the RIGHT one for you.

Here’s what makes THIS one so special…

It’s called UC-II and it’s considered the PERFECT type of collagen.

Why? It’s because of the incredible way it works to help your body re-grow new joints.

And it starts in an unusual place… your gut.

Let me explain…

Picture your gut as a highway…

There are loads of good nutrients zipping around – things your aging joints crave to feel smooth and comfortable – just waiting for their directions to go to work.

But, as smart as our immune systems are, even the healthiest ones don’t always show them the right roadmap.

So instead of a “green light” to head straight to your joints, the nutrients end up in the wrong place… and you’re left with nagging pain that just won’t quit.

But not on Perfect Collagen’s watch.

You see, Perfect Collagen acts like a second line of defense, helping to direct “traffic” in your gut.

It ushers the good nutrients straight to where they’re needed most… delivering all the building blocks to rebuild your cartilage right away.

Grow new joints starting in your gut!?

It sounds bizarre… but when you think about how your body absorbs all the best nutrients… it makes sense why this method is miles ahead of anything else.

And it’s why it’s SO important to get the right kind. (The one that will deliver the same dosage and results from the landmark study we talked about earlier.)

Get the wrong stuff and you’ll be flushing your money down the toilet…

But if you find the perfect supercharged form, you can look forward to:

My friend, are you ready to take the next step and start a new life where your joints don’t hold you back?

It all starts with the perfect form of collagen… the one your joints REALLY crave.

It’s the only kind of collagen that has received Dr. Rothfeld’s seal of approval – so you know it’s authentic and not some imitation posing as the real thing.

And today you can try it in the comfort of your own home…

As part of Dr. Rothfeld’s incredible new “military-grade” formula for joints, called SemperFlex.

You see, if he were to put Perfect Collagen alone in a bottle and deliver that to your door… no doubt you’d see incredible improvement in just a few short weeks.

But I promised you that you’d see results fast… starting in just 5 days. And to get you up and moving in more comfort —almost IMMEDIATELY.

And, as great as it is, Perfect Collagen just can’t do that on its own.

As a combat veteran myself, I know that the sooner pain isn’t ruling your life – the better.

That’s why I’m so excited about the second ingredient in Dr. Rothfeld’s solution…

Friend, THIS is different than anything else you’ve even seen or tried in the past… and it’s the stuff that will get you “back in the game” of life right away after feeling sidelined all these years.

Why? Because if you want real relief fast, and to go back to the days of feeling like you have smooth, 30-year-old joints… rebuilding cartilage is only half the battle.

The other half? Well, it has to do with something a little more sinister… a surprising “attack” that sends your overworked joints into overdrive

Putting YOU straight in the pain zone.

You already know the kind of discomfort I’m talking about…

It’s that DEEP throbbing ache that radiates down to your knees…

It may leave you breathless…

Or even make you feel embarrassed when you start limping on the front nine… dreading the thought of playing the next hole.

Friend, luckily there is good news… because Dr. Rothfeld has finally cracked the code on this mysterious “attack” and is revealing everything for FAST relief, right here.

Here’s a hint: It’s has to do a “silent” enemy that’s living in your body right this second.

And if you’re over the age of 55, it means every time YOU want to enjoy life to the fullest…

Whether it’s a full day of fishing, an extra round of tennis, or even just a busy day of yardwork…

Every single joint you use…

From your toes, to your knees, all the way up your spine and neck…

Is being bombarded by its attack.

So what is this “silent” joint killer?

It’s… inflammation created by your own over-worked joints.

And it’s nothing but BAD news.

Because when they’re hurting and sending out an SOS signal for “help!”

Inflammation swoops in and just makes the situation 10x worse…

Instead of attacking the root cause, it ends up chowing down on the cartilage that’s surrounding your joint like a shield.

So then the solution should be simple, right?

Keep inflammation in check – and your cartilage stays smooth and intact, keeping your joints happy too.

Well, that’s part of it… but not the whole story.

Here’s something your doctor probably never told you…

Did you know that there are 5 different types of inflammation that can creep into your system and wreak havoc on your joints?

Yep… 5.

But most “leading” solutions only focus on one or two types… if you’re lucky.

Which is a huge mistake, because each one is very different, and more terrifying than the last.

Dr. Rothfeld actually calls them the “5 Inflammation Invaders.”

One of them is a nasty little enzyme called MMP-3 that’s actually encoded in your own DNA.

When MMP-3 is triggered, it eats away at your joints… gobbling up loads of collagen and cartilage with every bite, until—over time—you guessed it…. there’s nothing left.

Then there’s LOX-5the DANGEROUS enzyme your body naturally produces.

Its only mission is to transform common foods in your refrigerator (like eggs, fish, fruit juices and milk…) into an all-out WAR on your joints.

And, friend, these are just TWO of the 5 invaders.

They all exist in your body, right this second. Just waiting to be unleashed and wreak havoc on your joints.

Luckily, there is good news… because Dr. Rothfeld has found the ONLY tried and true solution that tackles not 1… not 2… but ALL 5 FORMS of inflammation.

The “inflammation invaders” simply don’t stand a chance…

It’s all thanks to a special form of frankincense that dates back 3,000 years ago to Ancient Egypt…

It’s even rumored that THIS is how Egyptian soldiers were able to tirelessly walk miles on end, and conquer every neighboring village and city in their path…

And it was so prized among the wealthy Egyptians, King Tut even asked to be buried with it so he could carry it with him to the afterlife…

But ancient folklore is one thing, and modern science is another…

So when researchers put the special frankincense to the test on a group of people suffering from joint pain…

They were NOT expecting that this would happen.

Just a short 5 days later…

The patients in the group receiving the special frankincense strain saw SIGNIFICANT pain reduction.

And it only got better from there.

When researchers measured the patients’ pain again, a short 25 days later… they actually ended the study.


The patients were reporting, on average, a full 49.5% reduction in their pain scores.

Practically half their pain… *POOF* gone in 4 short weeks!

My friend, this is nothing short of extraordinary.

Just stop for a second and think about what 49% less joint pain would mean to you in your life…

After all, when you’re not worried about aches and pains ruling your life… what will you do with your “new” time?

…will you take up a new hobby that wows your friends?

Impress the guys AND your wife with your woodworking skills… or evenmake their jaws drop with your dancefloor moves at your 50 th anniversary party.

…how about crossing that thing off your bucket list you never thought you’d get to?

What have you always wanted to do? Hike the Grand Canyon? Go on Safari? Even something a little more thrill-seeking… like sky-diving!?

…or maybe what matters to you most is a second chance at the little things in life?

Like spending time crawling around on the ground, laughing and playing with your grandkids for hours on end… making treasured memories you’ve missed out on before.

(You’ll be the superhero they’ll look up to for years to come.)

Now, with this second ingredient working in harmony with Perfect Collagen… all of these dreams can finally be YOUR reality.

So… what is this incredible addition that makes up the SemperFlex secret?

That special frankincense has a scientific name, called boswellia serrata, and ANY formula to get your joints working like brand new just wouldn’t be complete without it.

But there is one catch… this form of frankincense Dr. Rothfeld insisted on adding to SemperFlex is truly one-of-a-kind.

Called the “next generation” in breakthrough joint science, this is the ONLY form of frankincense that will deliver the exact same dosage for the pain-fighting results I showed you earlier.

What’s more… there’s a mile-long list of imposters that are peddling a wimpy (or outright phony) variety on the internet…

And I don’t want you to get taken advantage of.

Don’t waste your time or money…

Or have your hopes dashed if you think you’ll see the same kind of results.

Not when the REAL solution is right in front of you.

SemperFlex is the ONLY formula that combines these two heavy hitters in joint health science:

#1: The Frankincense Powerhouse – Tackling All 5 “Inflammation Invaders” for speedy relief, starting in just 5 days and just keeps getting better and better. (Friend, trust me, NOTHING else works this fast…)


#2: UC-II – The Only Perfect Collagen that actually rebuilds new hips, knees, elbows and more… in as little as 90 days. (THIS is the part you need for LASTING relief.)

Best of all, the entire SemperFlex secret to rebuilding brand new joints couldn’t be any easier.

In fact, all it takes is a few small, easy-to-swallow pills. And only once a day.

That’s it!

So in less time than it takes for you to pour a cup of morning Joe… you can be well on your way to your happy new life… where you can stop thinking about pain, and focus on what really matters most.

Imagine waking up to a day when joint pain just isn’t a part of your daily worry…

That kind of freedom is priceless.

So tell me… where are you aching right this second?

Is it in your knees? Wrists? Shoulders? Spine?

Maybe it’s even a couple of those places?

Well, SemperFlex is so advanced and ahead of its time… it actually seeks out the spots where your joints are crying for help – and rushes in the nutrients they need for sweet relief.

And that’s not just some empty promise… it’s VERIFIED by science. Again and again.

I know you’re excited to find out how to claim the SemperFlex secret for yourself – and I promise your opportunity is coming up shortly.

But Dr. Rothfeld has one final surprise in store… and I can’t WAIT to share it with you now.

You see, Dr. Rothfeld thinks his SemperFlex formula – with Perfect Collagen AND Supercharged Frankincense – is the only way to beat pain AND rebuild your precious joints.

But he wanted to make sure this was the single BEST thing for your joints and last thing you’ll ever need to buy … so he went above and beyond, and took it one step further…

In fact, he added 2 more joint-cushioning BONUS ingredients to his formula.

And, strangely enough… these extracts come from a pretty delicious place: Pineapples and tart cherries!

Think of these special fruit extracts like “turbochargers” in a way.

You see, they boost the work of Perfect Collagen AND Supercharged Frankincense to aid in speedy recovery…

And that added “oomph!” makes all the difference.

Trust me, once you try SemperFlex for yourself… you’ll be WOWED when you see how they all work together like gangbusters to keep discomfort at bay.

Honestly, Dr. Rothfeld doesn’t think any formula for perfect, healthy joints could be complete without them.

So… are you ready to take the next step?

Great. Let’s get started now…

From the second you start using SemperFlex, you can feel great knowing that the ingredients inside will immediately go to work where you hurt… helping to rebuild your joints from the inside out.

And with each day that passes, your aching joints will feel smoother and more cushiony than you ever thought possible.

Until one morning you wake up and realize the stiffness and twinges of pain that were ruling your life are now just a thing of the past.

Now, to see the most impressive results, Dr. Rothfeld recommends trying SemperFlex for 90 days.

And he is SO confident you’ll be thrilled with your newfound freedom… he wants to make sure your entire purchase today is covered by his 100% money-back guarantee.

But here’s the best part... you won’t have to wait weeks to start seeing remarkable improvement.

In fact, Dr. Rothfeld is so sure you’ll see results quickly, he’s named his own promise after it. It’s called his…

“Flex in 5 Days” Guarantee.

That means if you aren’t feeling less pain in 5 days… you aren’t seeing a huge improvement… you’re not able to move around more easily and have a better range of motion or flexibility…

Just say so!

Dr. Rothfeld’s respectful and friendly customer service team is always standing by to issue you a FULL refund… with no hassles or questions asked.

So even if you start feeling results quickly, but still aren’t fully satisfied with SemperFlex or any of the rebuilding benefits it delivers as you keep using it…

Again, just say so!

Your purchase will always be covered by a lifetime guarantee.

Meaning you can still call at ANY TIME for a prompt, 100% money-back refund.

Whether it’s 5, 29, or even 366 days from your purchase…

You simply take ZERO risk by trying SemperFlex today.

You have nothing to lose but the pain, inconvenience and worry that comes with creaky, aching joints.

And today only – I want to give my fellow Veterans something that’s more than deserved…

You’ve defended our flag AND our freedom…

You’ve made the ultimate sacrifice for our Country…

And it’s a debt I’ll never be able to truly repay…

But I DO want to help make a difference in your life…

That’s why – today only – I’m honoring American Vets by giving a 25% DISCOUNT on SemperFlex.

So any man or woman who was fought hard to make our home a safer place…

Who swore an oath of loyalty…

Will receive a full 25% DISCOUNT on SemperFlex…

It’s just a small way of ‘Thanking You’ for all you’ve done.

And it’s the very least I can do.

So are you ready to get started?

Here’s how it all works… in just a few minutes, you’ll see a big blue button pop below that says, “Yes! I want to try SemperFlex today RISK-FREE!”

Click it, and you’ll be taken to the next screen to review and complete your order.

You’ll see Dr. Rothfeld’s “Flex in 5 Days” Guarantee on that page, as well as clear and easy ordering options to select how many bottles you’d like today.

Here’s what one looks like…

But before you go… I have one last exciting announcement…

As an added bonus today… Dr. Rothfeld will enroll you in his Auto-Delivery Service program, with his compliments.

What does that mean for you?

Well, cutting right to the chase… your incredible discount AND free shipping will be locked-in for as long as you’d like.

Simply check out with your credit card, and we’ll ship everything FREE to your front door…

Then, just before your supply runs out, we’ll automatically bill your credit card for the same exact order and ship you a fresh batch.

Meaning you never miss a day of smooth, cushiony joints… you never pay for shipping… you never pay full price… or ever have to go through the hassle of re-ordering again.

And if you ever want to adjust shipments or cancel the complimentary delivery service – just let Dr. Rothfeld’s friendly team know. There’s even a phone number right on the bottle.

Now… if you’re not ready to make the commitment to your joints to have them feeling great from sunup to sundown… there’s always a one-bottle option you can try too.

But with free shipping, a special discount for those who served AND your 90-day supply guaranteed today – why not stock up right now?

SemperFlex will never be sold in stores or for a better price anywhere else online.

And remember, you’re ALWAYS covered by the “Flex in 5 Days” 100% money-back guarantee.

You simply have nothing to lose… and a lifetime of memories, without joint discomfort, waiting ahead of you.

Ready to get started? Just click that big blue button below now.

And, remember, look for the 90-day supply with the savings. (You’ll see that it REALLY adds up over the one-bottle option…)

Once you place your order, you’ll be sent an immediate confirmation email with all the details of your order.

And just a few days later – your supply of SemperFlex will be shipped directly to the address you request.

Once you receive your supply, pop open a bottle and take your first three right away.

The sooner you do, the sooner you can look forward to smoother, more comfortable joints.

And a whole new outlook on life. With no fear of pain holding you back.

Remember, you’re getting all 4 of Dr. Rothfeld’s All-star joint ingredients, conveniently packaged into those three small capsules:

And, remember, your entire order is completely covered by Dr. Rothfeld’s “Flex in 5 Days” 100% Guarantee.

That means you absolutely love it, or you don’t pay a single red cent. Period.

Dr. Rothfeld’s Money-Back Guarantee is simply the best I’ve ever seen… and it’s why he’s so confident you’ll feel great about giving it a try today.

And don’t forget – our honored American Veterans will receive 25% off their entire order.

Are you ready to take the next step?

Click the blue button below to go to the order screen, and check out the savings you can claim today.

But remember… with this kind of discount, we can’t guarantee we’ll still be fully stocked tomorrow.

So if you close out of this window, and decide you need to think about the decision to help your knees, hips, wrists and more feel better than ever…

I’m afraid this offer may not be here if you return later.

So while you’re here… take the opportunity to claim your 90-day supply.

We are holding the bottles in your name on the next page.

So just RSVP and let us know that you want to claim them (along with your discount).

Click below to start your order now.

And thanks for reading… I can’t wait for you to enjoy all the new memories you make when your joint pain is a thing of the past.

Oh, and by the way, feel free to send me pictures of the exciting new hobbies you take up!

On behalf of Dr. Rothfeld, I’m Jim Ryan. And thanks again for spending this time with me today.


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