Little-Known Blood Flow
Enhancer Effortlessly Helps...

Restore Your "25-Year-
Old Heart"...

Starting In
Just 2 Hours

Science from Switzerland reveals true key to restoring heart health. Gives you
PERFECT blood pressure and the healthy heart of a 25-year-old. Improves
triglycerides over 13% and “bad” cholesterol 26% with
ZERO diets or exercise.
Starts working in 2 hours.

Hello, I'm Dr. Glenn Rothfeld, M.D...

...and I have incredible news for men and women over the age of 55 who are concerned about their blood pressure or cholesterol.

Exciting new research from Switzerland has revealed a natural, turn-key solution that helps...

Keep your blood pressure PERFECT — a real 120/80 perfect that will stun your doctor...

Dramatically improve your "bad" cholesterol numbers...

...and completely "reverse" the age of your heart.

I'm talking much better readings at your next check-up, but also...

...actually feeling more energy every day...

...and enjoying stronger, healthier blood flow throughout your body.

It gets better. According to the stunning results of a recent clinical trial...

You can now enjoy the robust heart health of a 25-year-old. Even if you're in your Golden Years...

Let me repeat that: I'm talking about helping to RESET your heart health "age" to that of a healthy 25-year-old.

What I'm about to show you is so powerful it's like getting a second chance at perfect heart health...

And you won't have to wait long for all of these wonderful results...

You won't have to lie in bed night after night, wondering if your heart will stay strong as you get older...

You won't have to dread a doctor's visit for weeks and weeks, or think about your "numbers" ...

...and you won't have to bother with solutions that take forever to start working, while you wait and wonder: "what if?"

Instead, this new solution starts working in just 2 hours.

Not 2 months or 2 weeks or even 2 days.

Just 2 hours.

That's right. In the time it takes to watch your favorite movie... could have perfect blood pressure and send your "bad" cholesterol levels plummeting downward...

This has nothing to do with
changing your diet

You won't need to say "no, thank you" to sizzling bacon or a decadent slice of chocolate cake.

No one's going to hand you a small plate of steamed broccoli and expect that to silence your grumbling stomach.

It gets even better...

This new heart solution has nothing to do with slaving away on a treadmill or joining a gym to get harassed by a personal trainer every morning.

There are no significant changes to your lifestyle required.

Instead, this is easy and simple because it's based on the science of your body's blood flow balancing system — which I'll explain in a moment.

First, let me fully introduce myself.

Then I'll quickly cover this urgent research and what you absolutely need to do to enjoy perfect heart health.

As I said before, my name is Dr. Glenn Rothfeld, M.D.

For over 39 years, I've devoted my life to helping seniors just like you solve their biggest health challenges and live like they were young again.

I was honored to be named a fellow at Harvard University's prestigious Channing Laboratory.

More recently, I developed one of America's first courses on innovative alternative health, for the world-class Tufts University School of Medicine.

Today, I practice at my Integrative Medical Center in Massachusetts.

And I'm constantly researching the latest breakthroughs for improving health and longevity.

That's how I came across this groundbreaking research from Switzerland.

It reveals that literally "reversing" your heart health to that of a 25-year-old...

...and enjoying PERFECT 120/80 blood pressure and amazing blood flow...

...comes down to one chemical in your body.

That's it.

And, when you adjust this one chemical in a simple way, your blood flow goes from sluggish to a powerful, life-giving river.

What's more...

It begins "reversing" your heart's health age

in just 2 HOURS

This was confirmed in a clinical trial, where participants improved their blood pressure to that of a healthy 25-year-old. And the volunteers were in their Golden Years.

Of course, to get these results, you need to do it the right way...

But don't worry. I'm going to show you exactly how you can use this new science to help get a younger heart faster than it takes to mow the lawn...

Imagine this...

You get home from your latest check-up.

As soon as you close your garage door behind you, your spouse calls out, "How'd it go?"

You don't answer immediately...

...because you'd rather deliver the news face-to-face.

So, you find your spouse waiting on the couch. You sit down so you can look each other in the eye.

Then, as you're holding hands, you say...

"Well, you know how I've been feeling so much more energy lately? It wasn't in my head...

"I got my test results...

"My cholesterol's much better.

"My LDL cholesterol improved 11%...

"...and my oxidized cholesterol improved 26%."

As your spouse squeezes your hand and smiles, you continue...

"My blood pressure... well... funny thing...

"My blood pressure is now perfect.

"Not just better. Perfect.

"In fact, my doctor said something amazing...

"He said I now have the same healthy blood pressure as a 25-year-old."

couple sitting on couch

After breathing a sigh of relief, your spouse looks surprised. "Really? Is that even possible?"

It's a very good question.

Because, up until very recently, the answer for millions of American seniors was NO.

But now all that's changed...

Thanks to new, advanced research from Switzerland.

In fact, this breakthrough came from a little-known scientist in Switzerland named Dr. Lüscher...

Thanks to Dr. Lüscher, doctors like me now understand we've been looking at heart health completely wrong.

Specifically, we didn't dive deep enough into the real problem.

Yes, we know we run into blood pressure concerns as we get older.

Our blood flow becomes sluggish.

The doctor warns us about inflammation.

We get tired...

...but why?

Is it just a fact of aging or is something else going on?

It turns out, something else is going on... and it can be "reversed."

You see, your body has something called a blood flow balancing system.

You need this system to make sure your blood flow is strong enough so all your organs and tissues are nourished... but not too strong, because that wouldn't support healthy blood pressure.

This blood flow balancing system is made up of certain natural chemicals that keep your entire cardiovascular system balanced and running smoothly.

Unfortunately, when one of these chemicals gets out of balance, it makes your blood vessels get narrower...

When that happens, your blood pressure rises.

This is the key to everything. Because it turns out...

It's not salt...

It's not fatty foods...

Your blood pressure concerns and your sluggish blood flow could all come down to this single chemical in your body... a "blood pressure bogey" that's part of your blood flow balancing system...

It's called Endothelin-1.

We now know about this chemical — and how it's the key to everlasting heart health — thanks to Dr. Lüscher's brilliant research.

It turns out, when Endothelin-1 is released into your bloodstream, it narrows your veins and arteries.

If they narrow too much, you won't have healthy blood pressure.

Normally, you always have at least some Endothelin-1, which keeps your blood pressure balanced.

But things like stress cause it to slightly rise.

So does aging.

Naturally, if you want perfect blood pressure and blood flow, you must balance your Endothelin-1 levels.

When that happens, your blood pressure... blood flow... and inflammation improve... automatically.

When you go to your next doctor's appointment, your numbers could come back better because your heart has gotten "younger."

But if you DON'T balance Endothelin-1... well... we don't want to go there.

You MUST lower it.

So, how do you do that? How do you balance Endothelin-1?

I'm not about to give you some impossible chore like, "Get rid of all your stress!"

We both know that's just not going to happen.

And, now, you don't need to...

Research from a completely different part of the planet has revealed a "hack" for your body...

...that naturally balances "blood pressure bogey" Endothelin-1... on the cellular level.

In fact, scientists in Eastern Europe discovered this solution biologically rewinds time in your cells.

Not only that...

It literally re-programs your DNA to

clean up cholesterol

That's right — not only does this solution help balance Endothelin-1 for perfect blood pressure...

...but it commands your body to improve your cholesterol as if you were 25 years old again.

And it starts working in just 2 hours...

The secret is a little-known super-nutrient.

But more scientists are finally starting to take notice...

All the way in London, researchers created a concentrated version of this super-nutrient and gave it to men as part of a placebo-controlled, double-blind study.

They wanted to see if this nutrient could benefit someone's heart.

Before the study began, the scientists told the volunteers to avoid eating healthy foods like fruits and vegetables, nuts, and olive oil for a full 24 hours.

They wanted to make absolutely sure this super-nutrient was making a difference.

Then, the volunteers all received a simple capsule.

Some volunteers got the nutrient, others got a placebo.

The scientists then took heart measurements from everyone.

What happened?

The group who got the placebo didn't change much at all. Their heart health was the same as before.

The group who got the real deal, on the other hand, got some dramatic changes.

For starters, it significantly improved their blood flow... their life-giving blood could flow effortlessly through their arteries, easily reaching every organ and their brains...

But... that's not the most exciting part.

Normally, even a potent health-enhancing nutrient takes a few weeks to start changing your body.

But this heart nutrient didn't take a few weeks or even a few days...

Instead, the scientists recorded the results starting in just 2 hours.

Now, as amazing as that sounds, it's just the beginning of how this nutrient transforms your heart.

Scientists decided to find out just how much this nutrient can improve heart health.

So they gave it to volunteers along with a more common heart solution, as part of a major double-blind, placebo-controlled study — the gold standard in medicine.

Now, these weren't just any volunteers...

They were men and women who had previously tried to diet and exercise... but didn't get any heart-health benefits.

That's not all. The volunteers were also REQUIRED to be out of shape.

The scientists measured their waistlines, and anyone TOO THIN was kicked out of the study.

The researchers wanted to make absolutely sure this nutrient would work for an average person.

So, what happened?

When these overweight volunteers, who didn't get results from dieting or exercising, took a tiny dose of this nutrient instead... did their hearts get younger?

Well, for the volunteers who got the placebo, the answer was "no." Which isn't surprising.

But those who got the super-nutrient saw some very interesting results.

And anyone concerned about their heart health needs to sit up and take notice at this point...


Their triglycerides dropped
a full 13%

Which is amazing news because keeping your triglycerides in check is EXTREMELY important for your heart...

Then, the volunteers achieved near PERFECT blood pressure.

Finally, it dramatically improved their cholesterol.

If you're over the age of 55, I'm sure you've heard your doctor warn you about your cholesterol...

...and I'm guessing you also might be confused about which kinds are good and which are bad.

There are only 2 kinds of cholesterol you need to think about.

The 1st is called LDL-C. That's your bad cholesterol.

The 2nd is something that's hardly ever addressed by doctors. It's called oxidized cholesterol.

Oxidized cholesterol simply means it is cholesterol that's been aged by free radicals.

And that's a problem. Because hardly any heart-health solutions get rid of oxidized cholesterol.

Which is a shame because, in my medical opinion, it is the absolute WORST cholesterol in existence.

It simply doesn't belong in your body.

Now, here's the amazing news...

Scientists discovered taking 255 mg daily of this super-nutrient improves your LDL-C cholesterol by 11% compared to placebo and your oxidized cholesterol by an amazing 26%.

That's not the only part of your body that will benefit...

Taken in a liquid form and combined with something called glucomannan, this nutrient has even been shown to shrink away belly fat for women.

Now, how could a single nutrient work such magic on your heart, blood vessels, and even other parts of your body?

Earlier, you learned about new research from Switzerland.

It showed a chemical called Endothelin-1 narrows your blood vessels.

You learned how you must balance your Endothelin-1 if you want a truly healthy heart.

Turns out, that's exactly what this super-nutrient does.

It lowers Endothelin-1 a full
28% in just 60 days

This causes your blood vessels to widen... your blood flow to strengthen...

...and your heart to function like a much younger heart.

The science shows these changes start in just 2 hours.

But that's not all it does...

Scientists took a closer look at why it works so well.

In an in-vitro study, they discovered that, in addition to balancing Endothelin-1, this super-nutrient...

Literally re-wires your genetics for a healthier heart.

Specifically, it commands the body at the microscopic DNA level to slurp "bad" cholesterol straight out of blood vessels.

Which is how this super-nutrient improves your LDL-C "bad" cholesterol by 11% and your oxidized cholesterol — the kind degraded by free radicals — by an amazing 26%.

That's why this nutrient works so well — and why it succeeds where other solutions for your heart fail.

Okay, as promised, I'll reveal exactly what this heart-boosting super-nutrient is right now.

Like I said before, it was created by the researchers in London and it's called Aronox.

Aronox is a super-concentrated extract of something called the Aronia berry.


Very few people have heard of this Aronia berry...

...but scientists worldwide sat up and took notice when this berry was tested for its antioxidant power.

As you may know, antioxidants protect your body from the ravages of aging.

All kinds of fruits and vegetables have antioxidant power.

But some are more powerful than others.

And when scientists tested 143 different plants for their antioxidant power... the Aronia berry was #1.

Yes, #1.

Even compared to superfoods like blueberries, avocados, grapefruits, and more...

graph showing antioxidant power

It was the undisputed champion.

Which explains why Aronox can give you the heart health of a 25-year-old.

Now, before you run out the door to try to find some, let me warn you...

You can't just pick up Aronox at the corner store.

Even if you did find some somewhere, you'd likely be spending your hard-earned money on a low-quality version...

But that's not going to help your heart.

You need the ONE kind of Aronox tested and verified to give you PERFECT blood pressure.

As a medical doctor, I need to be clear: If you don't get that exact kind, you're not getting the right stuff.

This premium-quality Aronox has been verified in 3 double-blind, placebo-controlled human clinical trials.

In one of them, a tiny dose of just 500 mg improved blood flow in just 2 hours.

How would you like to get REAL results that FAST?

In another trial of 255 mg daily, volunteers achieved near PERFECT blood pressure, improved their triglycerides 15%, and improved their oxidized cholesterol a staggering 26%.

This stuff is just incredible.

Aronox is a life-changer for anyone concerned about their blood pressure, cholesterol, or overall heart health.

Yes, this premium Aronox could help give you perfect blood pressure and a younger heart just 60 days from now...

...with dramatic results starting in just 2 hours.

But you must use this exact kind — or you won't be getting the right stuff. And you won't get the guarantee.

That's why I worked with the U.S. company that creates this premium quality "2 hours" Aronox...

...the same kind I've been using in my Massachusetts clinic to help my patients achieve younger hearts and PERFECT blood pressure...

And I'm making it available directly to American seniors who read this presentation today.

Make no mistake, this is the exact premium Aronox that was shown to deliver stronger blood flow in just 2 hours...

With no diets or other lifestyle changes. Just one tiny, natural Aronox pill.

supplement bottle

Which is why I've chosen Aronox as the superstar ingredient in my new heart formula called VasinoxTM.

Vasinox is the best clinical quality solution I've ever seen for any senior who wants a younger heart.

And it's only available directly through this presentation. Beware of imposters selling unauthorized or inferior quality Aronox.

But when you get the real deal, you're in for some amazing results...

Imagine taking a simple pill... and then moseying over to your microwave to cook some popcorn.

Right after you drizzle some gooey butter into your bowl and sprinkle plenty of salt on top, you plop down on your couch...

...and press the "play" button for your favorite movie.

As you enjoy yourself, your blood flow will start improving...without you even thinking about your heart.

By the time the credits roll, your blood flow will be stronger and your heart will be younger.

In just a short time, you'll have the heart health of a 25-year-old...

...and all the energy to go with it.

In just a moment, I'll show how this can come true for you...

...and how you don't have to spend your Golden Years concerned about your heart.

First, there's something you need to know about Vasinox...

I wanted to make extra-sure it was the BEST solution for rapidly making your heart younger.

That's why I'm including another solution.

It's another powerful, natural extract I've been using...

And, even though it comes from a common place, it was discovered in an uncommon way...

Here's the strange, true story:

Some time ago, a senior man decided to eat a full quarter pound of celery every single day for a week.

Seems strange, right?

He did it because he was concerned about his blood pressure. His doctor told him to eat less salt...

...but the man ignored his doctor and turned to this ancient folk remedy instead.

He measured his blood pressure after his 1-week experiment...

...and discovered it had improved from 158/96 to an impressive 118/92.

After just 7 days.

His blood pressure became
virtually perfect

Now, even though celery is a common food... eating a full quarter pound every single day doesn't seem like much fun.

But there's a twist to this story...

You see, it turns out this man's own son was a nutritional scientist.

So, he led an experiment and discovered the prime ingredient inside celery that makes it so heart-healthy.

Now, we're able to concentrate this celery extract into a capsule. The extract is called 3nB.

Earlier, you learned how your body has a complete blood flow balancing system.

The Aronox extract works by lowering the "blood pressure bogey" Endothelin-1.

But 3nB works in a different way...

Here's how:

Over time, your arteries can become narrower.

clogged artery

It's all because of a chemical signal involving calcium in your blood.

More calcium means more narrow arteries.

But 3nB balances this out.

It hits the brakes on this chemical signal that narrows your arteries.

As a result, it keeps your arteries wide and healthy so your life-giving blood keeps flowing in a healthy way.

Because it works in a different way than Aronox, the 2 natural extracts complement each other.

Science now shows a combination approach works best for blood pressure.

And since we've isolated the healthy 3nB ingredient, we've discovered more about it...

Turns out, animal research shows this extract could help protect the brain and also enhance energy production.

Plus, a small study showed this celery extract reduces joint pain up to almost HALF in a matter of weeks.

Animal studies have shown it even INCREASES LIFESPAN.

It's simply the healthiest natural ingredient

I have
ever seen...

With results like these, I knew I had to combine this special 3nB celery extract with Aronox in my new clinical Vasinox heart formula.

With the special Aronox balancing your "blood pressure bogey" Endothelin-1...

...and the 3nB extract expanding your arteries for effortless blood flow...'ll have the power of 2 breakthrough solutions working simultaneously to make your blood pressure PERFECT.

And your brain could benefit as well.

Then, with your joints starting to feeling younger too...

You'll be able to dance, work on your garden, your car... go for a fun hike, fishing or canoe trip without your body holding you back.

woman in a canoe

Plus... if the science is right... you could even live longer!

And living longer is going to be much more fun when you have the heart health of a 25-year-old...

...much more fun than feeling exhausted and wondering if things are going to get worse...

Now, everything I've told you is going to improve your health and your life in very real ways...

But I still wasn't ready to declare Vasinox a total heart solution.

It needed something else...

...and at this point I need to give you an important warning:

Once you widen your arteries and get your blood moving like when you were young, your arteries are still vulnerable to something else.

As you get older, they become stiff.

Here's why you need to know about this:

Think of the difference between a brand new rubber band and an older one.

You can stretch and bend the new band.

The old one is harder and less pliable and fragile.

Your blood vessels are the same way.

It's all because calcium — the mineral that makes bones strong — makes your arteries stiff.

The more calcium that gets in your arteries, the stiffer they get.

And the older you are, the more this happens...

Here's why you need to know about this:

Researchers at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center measured the level of calcium in the arteries of 10,377 people.

And the younger volunteers with the higher levels of calcium in their arteries accelerated their aging up to 30 years.

But here's the challenge: You can't just get rid of calcium because you need it for strong bones.

Fortunately, there's a pair of vitamins that, when combined, remove the calcium from your arteries.

As a bonus, they then move this calcium into your bones where it belongsto make them stronger.

This was shown in a study out of the prestigious Keio University School of Medicine in Japan.

Almost one hundred women between the ages of 55 and 81 took part.

And just by taking this pair of vitamins, they grew stronger bones.

It was all that extra calcium moving from their arteries into their bones.

The vitamins are K2 and D3.

Almost nobody in the United States has enough of them.

That's because it's almost impossible to get enough through your regular diet.

The Japanese, on the other hand, have a unique diet with plenty of K2.

They have the longest lived women in the world. And only 20% of the heart concerns we do.

I'm certain this vitamin combo is exactly why.

After verifying the science, I knew I had to include the special Japanese secret to heart health in my new formula.

That's why I made sure to include 180 mcg of Vitamin K2 and 25 mcg of Vitamin D3 in Vasinox.

You'll have the triple-action of Aronox balancing your Endothelin-1...

And the 3nB extract to help stop your arteries from narrowing...

So you can enjoy PERFECT blood pressure,

15% better triglycerides, and 26% better

oxidized cholesterol

Plus, vitamins K2 and D3 removing calcium from your arteries and putting it into your bones where it belongs, strengthening them.

Now, with ALL these ingredients working for your heart, you'll also start improving your blood flow and heart health starting in just 2 hours...

Imagine the thrill of your doctor telling you just 60 days from now: "Your cholesterol and triglyceride levels are MUCH healthier."

"And your blood pressure's picture-perfect! Whatever you're doing, keep it up."

And you get the reassurance of knowing your arteries will stay springy and flexible like when you were young.

Finally, because these ingredients all address the root concerns of your heart, you'll truly get to experience the heart health of a 25-year-old again.

Once I brought all these ingredients together, I knew Vasinox was almost ready...

I knew it was already light-years beyond typical treatments for heart health.

And there's NOTHING else like it available... anywhere.

But there was one FINAL thing it needed...

Think about when you've tried other solutions for your heart...

How many times did you actually feel a real difference?

I'm guessing NEVER.

In fact, sometimes I bet you've felt like they drained energy from your body like someone stuck a needle in you and sucked your life out of you.

There's a reason for that...

When you were young, you always had energy because of something in your body called ATP.

Think of it like the electricity of your body.

ATP is vital for your brain and it powers your muscles to move — including your heart to beat.

The way your body creates ATP is complicated, but I'll show you just what you need to know.

A vital part of the process involves an enzyme called CoQ10.

Once you're older than 21, your CoQ10 levels plummet down...

...and your ability to create energy gets destroyed.

This is bad for your body and your heart.

Remember, it must pump blood 24 hours per day, 7 days per week — even while you sleep.

It needs constant energy to keep up with demand.

The answer is to help restore your CoQ10 levels so your body can create energy like when you were young.

Multiple clinical studies show that, when you do, your energy will rocket back up and your heart will beat as strong as ever.

That's why I completed the Vasinox formula with a full 120 mg of CoQ10.

With the help of Vasinox, EVERY piece of your heart health will always be completely protected.

Finally. And for good.

When I completed this breakthrough formula at my clinic...

I knew Vasinox was the complete solution for achieving the strong heart health of a 25-year-old.

The science is undeniable...

With Aronox balancing your Endothelin-1 for perfect blood pressure...

The 3nB extract expanding your arteries for complete cardiovascular health...

Vitamins K2 and D3 removing calcium from your arteries and putting it into your bones where it belongs...

...and CoQ10 energizing your heartand your entire body...

...all carefully selected because of the results verified by breakthrough science...

You'll have absolutely everything you need
get your young heart back...
and keep it

... for
decades to come

Imagine enjoying a retirement that lasts more years than you can believe.

But instead of years slipping by, you fill them with every exciting adventure you've been meaning to experience....

And doctor's appointments and trips to the pharmacy? They're the last thing on your mind.

couple snorkeling

This can be your future, as long as you have all the vital nutrients your heart's starving for.

Here's the complete breakdown of the groundbreaking 2-hour "young heart" solution in Vasinox:

You get 500 mg of Aronox to help balance your Endothelin-1, which unleashes your blood flow in 2 hours... and gives you the heart health of a 25-year-old...

300 mg of celery extract 3nB to help improve your blood pressure and potentially even relieve joint pain, energize you, and let you live longer...

180 mcg of Vitamin K2 and 25 mcg of Vitamin D3 to help keep calcium from stiffening your artery walls...

And 120 mg of our premium-quality CoQ10 for a strong heart and constant energy.

I worked with my team at Real Advantage Nutrients to combine this complete 5-ingredient heart formula into a single, convenient capsule — Vasinox.

Now, with Vasinox's unrivaled heart health formula...

You'll enjoy your younger, stronger heart for decades to come... starting in just 2 hours.

But there is one thing...

The only way to get my exclusive formula is right here, right now.

Please understand, this unique combination of heart-health saviors doesn't exist anywhere else.

Before I created this formula, you could come close to getting it only if you were a patient at my clinic outside Boston.

Today, however, for the first time... you can get it delivered straight to your door.

Without a prescription or even a doctor's visit.

That's because Vasinox is researched and formulated by some of the most brilliant scientists and researchers on the planet.

It's not just safe — it's the HEALTHIEST thing you could ever do for your heart

Vasinox addresses the worst challenges facing your heart health today... and helps protect you from them all.

The clinical evidence shows you'll get results in just 2 hours.

And your blessed heart health will get better and better as the weeks and months go by...

Get ready to never stress about your heart health again.

Your spouse will stop too...

Plus, be ready for all the extra energy you'll feel.

That's how my breakthrough 5-combination formula works.

And it will work for you.

Yes, even if you've tried other remedies in the past that failed to improve your "numbers."

Like all my Real Advantage Nutrients formulas, Vasinox is created in a certified facility right here in the United States. And it's also non-GMO.

Vasinox is absolutely top-notch, with the scientifically-backed ingredients to ensure you see fast, lasting results...

Taking Vasinox couldn't be easier — just 2 tiny capsules per day.

When you take it, you'll be helping protect your heart health with EVERY vital nutrient you've learned about in this presentation.

This is the exact formula your heart is begging for... so you can stop worrying and enjoy your life.

Ok, it's time for you to make a choice...

You can continue along the same path you're on now and leave your fate to chance.

I've seen these kinds of cases hundreds of times. You do not want to take this path.

Or you can make the decision to try out Vasinox.

For less than the cost of a cup of coffee per day, this powerful breakthrough gives you everything you need to stay heart-healthy... you're 25 again... with perfect blood pressure.

How would it feel to have the same energy and confidence you enjoyed in your 30s?

With Vasinox, you won't have to think about your heart health...

You won't have to "take things easy" or stop doing the fun things you love...

...and you won't have to feel old, stressed, or tired!

old man and child riding bumper cars

Once you start using the specific combination of nutrients in Vasinox, they will race to your heart and arteries...

...and deliver exactly what you need for better cholesterol, PERFECT blood pressure, more energy, and a younger, healthy heart.

And very soon, you can get what I like to call "the best doctor's visit in your life."

It's when you visit your doctor and get all your numbers measured...

...and you can't decide what's better...

Either hearing that your cholesterol, blood pressure, and triglycerides are the best they've been in YEARS...

...or getting to drive home and tell your spouse the same good news.

Especially when you get to celebrate that night and eat whatever you want.

Because your heart is truly younger.

You don't have to say "goodbye" to the foods you love or starve yourself.

You don't have to pull yourself out of bed early to exercise every morning...

Instead, you get to take advantage of the latest in science and truly live like you were 25 again.

As a physician, nothing makes me happier than helping you get there...

Helping you go back to enjoying your life again, like you've always been meaning to...

Without thinking about your heart health.

Feeling enough energy to go hiking, fishing, or work in your garden...

Go on that vacation you've been putting off, or even work on a project around the house...

old woman painting with watercolors

I LOVE it when my patients tell me all the fun things they've been up to over the last year.

And I make sure my local patients need to see me ONLY once a year.

Because their hearts finally have everything they need to stay young and healthy.

That's why I'm so proud to finally offer Vasinox to you.

Because I know it's going to do everything you heard about today, and more.

But you don't have to take my word for it.

I'm so confident this formula is going to transform all your important numbers; I want you to try Vasinox with ZERO risk.

That's right... you have an unlimited guarantee when you try Vasinox today.

Here's how it works...

Reserve your own supply of Vasinox today.

Then, when it arrives in a week or so, open it immediately.

Follow the easy instructions and start taking Vasinox daily. Just two tiny capsules you can take with water or some juice.

Then... do absolutely nothing else. That's right...

You don't have to change your routine, or stop doing the activities you love, or avoid your favorite foods.

Just take Vasinox every day.

Your heart will begin to get healthier in just 2 hours.

After just 60 days of regular use, make an appointment to get your blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglycerides checked.

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